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Think about everything you do on your furniture. From relaxing to eating to working to taking a nap, your furniture is a big part of your daily life. Furniture is something that is meant to last for years, but with all the living that it sees, it could be showing some signs of age you would rather not be there.


Whether it is juice stains from a messy snack time, wax from a dripping candle or just the ground-in dirt of life, we can clean your upholstery and remove odors for a longer-lasting life for your furniture.

The importance of fibers

Just because it is all upholstery does not mean every piece of furniture in your home is alike. Different types of fibers respond very different to cleaning, and what works for one could destroy another. We have extensive knowledge of fibers and will clean each piece of furniture properly to prevent damage.


When you are ready to have your furniture cleaned, ask about our Scotchgard protection to help keep your upholstery clean for longer.

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Trust us to carefully evaluate your upholstery to determine not only the stains and odors affecting it, but the best way to get it clean.

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